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This site uses images from third parties as images, icons or videos. Normally, the author of the resource is wrote down in the metadata or in the resource itself. But, for offering a more transparent view of which authors have provided some content to build this website, those people are mentioned in this page.

"I have seen my content in this site an I am not mentioned"

Sorry! I missed your name. Please, let me know and attach a link to your content. I will link it ASAP.

License breach

I use only the content that I understand that are free to use. If I have been wrong, please, let me know for removing that content from the website. As author of content I understand the annoyance of watching your content not being used properly. I apologise beforehand.

List of contributors

ArshPNG Arts
leto2381Wallpaper Haven
OmiitWallpaper Haven
MirokvWallpaper Haven
TheaSH90Wallpaper Haven
Vitor FreitasSimple is better than complex
My Sweet TormentYoutube