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IT Projects

Nov. 24, 2017, 8 p.m.

Use of Semantic Analysis for Restaurant Review-Summarization

The API provides information about restaurant that have been processed by semantic algorithms. Data from several sources is gathered, then strong and weak points from the restaurant is extracted from the user reviews.

In addition, information about the location and timetables of the restaurant is also retrieved. The application has a back-office where the restaurants that want to be displayed are set up. After the data sources are linked, the reviews from the social networks is retrieved.

Finally, the semantic analysis can be executed and the results displayed. In the user area, a map is displayed where the near restaurants are pointed out to the user. If the user touches the restaurant signal, all the information is displayed to him.

June 1, 2016, 7 a.m.

EDP: V2X Utilities

End of degree memory: "Investigation and development of vulnerable road users alert system in the domain of a Smart City".

This project has the aim of develop cooperative mobility services relying on the hybrid networks. These services will improve the security of the road users (VRU) providing the required information to the surrounding vehicles. For gathering the useful information, distributed technologies and cloud applications must to be combined. For the intercommunication of users it has been used vehicular specific short range technologies (IEEE 802.11p) and long range technologies (LTE). These kind of networks have be chosen for acquiring a fast adoption of the applications.

Sept. 1, 2014, 7 a.m.


iMuchasFotos is a software for photo selection and management. Allows to categorise photos by topics, subtopics, key words, image formats and other descriptive data. Also a selection of photos can be chosen for print them or send by e-mail.

Oriented to artists that work with a huge quantity of images and are on the need of having a better organisation when they have to select templates on which base their work. All images are stored in the application folder for enjoying a portable software. Management data is stored in the app side for keeping the metadata of the images clear.

June 15, 2009, 7 a.m.

To Die Is Easy

After the base explosion, the monorail was damaged and you had to follow the railroad walking. The path was deserted and you stopped receiving the marine's radio transmission. After some hours, you reach to an UAC station. It looks empty, and does not look to be invaded. You look through a glass and you discover some corpses in the reception. You load your shotgun for go on with the killing.

But in this battle you were fooled, the demons lead you to a strange room where the unique exit is a new portal. You decide to enter, because only a slow death awaits back. After crossing the portal, you meet again a strange setting, dominated by the shadows.

  • ZDoom and Doom II is required for playing this map.

Aug. 6, 2008, 7 a.m.

World in Chaos

After the Mars accident and the demonic invasion, the planet has never recovered. You finished with the boss of the demons, but they have not abandon the Earth. Many of them have fortified in some UAC installations and military facilities. From these bases, they have opened portals for bringing their brothers back to resume the invasion.

Now you are member of the special forces agains the demons. You have to defend an UAC facility, but after a huge demonic offensive, you have to hide in the facilities.

After some days hidden, you are discovered. You are able to reach a portal and cross it... After appearing in the other side, the portal closes. You are in an unknown land...

Something is for sure, you are not alone.

  • ZDoom and Doom II is required for playing this map.